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Historic Places in Prince George’s County

Former Endangered Historic Places Lost This Past Year

A 2008 accounting compiled by Prince George’s Heritage,
Prince George’s County Historical and Cultural Trust, and Prince George’s Historical Society

Ellerslie, Upper Marlboro vicinity

82A-034 6700 Green Grove Place

Built in 1895—Ellerslie was a gable-roof frame dwelling of Colonial Revival style with Queen Anne style decorative elements; it was distinguished by projecting bays, pediments and a Palladian style window. It was built in 1895 for prominent Upper Marlboro Judge Richard B.B. Chew on the site of his father’s early nineteenth-century plantation house, which had been destroyed by fire. Ellerslie was built by John C. Yost, who was considered by the Chews to be “one of the best builders then living in Washington City.” It was a good example of late nineteenth-century Colonial Revival style domestic architecture. Careful restoration of the building was progressing when it was destroyed by fire April 1, 2008.

Congressional District 5 - Legislative District 27A - Council District 9

Ingleside, Upper Marlboro vicinity

78-14B 4111 Ritchie Marlboro Road

A fine frame Victorian farmhouse, built circa 1880, with Italianate and Eastlake decorative detail. It was built on land owned by Charles Clagett of The Cottage, for his son, Charles Thomas Clagett, and was occupied by his descendants until 2006. Ingleside is reported to have been built by John C. Wyvill, whose family became very prominent in the building trade in the Upper Marlboro area. This outstanding example of Victorian vernacular residential architecture was in the process of being restored to be the centerpiece of a new residential development, but, unfortunately, during the installation of a fire suppression system, was destroyed by fire January 8, 2008.

Congressional District 4 - Legislative District 25 - Council District 6

 * Denotes listing as one of the 12 Endangered Historic Places in Prince George’s County in 2005

 + Denotes listing as one of the Endangered Historic Places in Prince George’s County in 2006



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